Hello Memories

Alfred was kind enough to send along some of the pictures that Mr. Zhou took at the factory and around Tianjin City.


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Owner of an Austin Texas business specializing in the design, manufacture and marketing of a line of retractable window and door screens.
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3 Responses to Hello Memories

  1. Sharon says:

    The photos are great – it’s really nice of him to send these back to you. I hope they liked the family photo we sent? But how can you not like a picture of Bryce?

  2. Lisa says:


    I really enjoyed reading about your adventures in China. It’s too bad that you had to make such a quick trip, and I can’t believe Sharon didn’t go with you. Thank goodness, lots of pictures were taken even without her! I want some dumplings right now!


    • djbtravel says:


      I tried to convince Alfred the Goubuli’s was the next big thing for the American market but he was not convinced. I think a steamed stuffed dumpling restaurant would go over big since Americans are always looking for something new. Might have to change the texture of the filling for American tastes.

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