Seen Around Town

I was going to say that these need no explanation but I realize that they cry out for an explanation.  I just don’t have one.


About djbtravel

Owner of an Austin Texas business specializing in the design, manufacture and marketing of a line of retractable window and door screens.
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3 Responses to Seen Around Town

  1. First, Mr. Bennett, you need to get yourself home so others with far greater need of image-mongering can act out the Hemingway role. Second, I don’t know how you made Chinatown in Dallas look like Mainland China, but I’ll admit you did a credible job. Third, whoever’s retouching your personal photographs should use later versions than your high school yearbook. Fourth, are your girlfriends at the DAR aware you’re doing business with RED China? And lastly, do they really eat “Chinese food” in China?

    Thank you,
    Charles of Many Washers
    Cape Town, SA

  2. Sharon says:

    Weasoned pork. Nummy nummy.

  3. ummm can you bring a steamed bun home? LOL I think it sounds funny, sounds gross!! I’ll stick with Sushi not plates. 🙂

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